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New Day Interactive puts you online. Whether it’s a website, mobile app, social media or SEO strategy, we work with our clients to connect them to their target markets. With an eye for detail and a passion for excellence, we get clients seen and heard.


What is Your Communication Challenge?

Sometimes it’s easy to explain what you do, and sometimes it isn’t. We’re here to help you effectively communicate your message, and show your target audience that you’ve got the goods to deliver.
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What is your Design Challenge?

Design isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s about giving your organization visual presence that transcends different mediums and has staying power.  Talk to us about how you want the world to see you.
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Don’t Know a Widget from a Website or CSS from PHP?

Technology is great, but not if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.  Let us guide you to  the best technology solutions for your unique needs.
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Latest News

New Day Interactive just completed a huge design facelift for Lindenwood Associates new website. Check out our portfolio section to see how we helped them achieve their goals!

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Trendy Graphic Design Tips for Your Website

7th March 2013 by New Day Interactive

Trends in graphic design come and go quickly so websites need to be updated at least once a year. If you’re deciding to create or revamp your site, you’ll want to incorporate trends while still keeping it uniquely you. Here are a few ideas for your new and exciting design.

Creative Logo

You’ll want a logo that is simple to read yet caters to what your site is about. Do not design a logo that is crowded or brightly colored, as this is quite off-putting to visitors. To keep it easy on the eyes, selecting a soft color palette or use traditional black letters. Typography is a great trend to add to a logo, creating specially designed text so others won’t try and copy your well thought-out design.
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5 Social Media Management Resources to Make Your Life Easier

14th February 2013 by New Day Interactive

There is a dire need to stay up-to-date on social media. It can get confusing and overwhelming with the amount of accounts and passwords that are to be remembered daily. Did I post there? What’s the name of that new social networking site? Don’t get left behind. Use these five social media management resources to make your life easier.

TweetDeck is the gateway to solving that multiple account problem. This is a free app that allows you to easily traverse the social media playing field. Connect to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google Buzz all with a swipe of a finger. The design is user-friendly. It even integrates Google Maps into your Foursquare feed which makes checking even more interactive.
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Vlogging: Perfect Strategy for Online Marketing

6th February 2013 by New Day Interactive

YouTube long ago surpassed Yahoo! in terms of traffic, which means that it is sitting in a fairly comfortable position in the top three most-visited websites. With a large enough base of people with access to broadband and computer hardware able to support high-definition streaming in browsers, it is only natural that YouTube has become so dominant. When it comes to businesses, YouTube and other video hosting sites give them a free and powerful platform to advertise and broadcast brand awareness in ways never before seen.

However, this is not simply the idea of moving advertisements from the TV ad-space to the web. Rather, it is a new approach that allows a business to present its customers a human face. Vlogging for a business is an absolute plus for several reasons.
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